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Your Realtor doesn’t just open the door…

I became a licensed real estate salesperson when I was 19 years old.  And you could say that I was in the business since middle school.  I remember walking to my mother’s office after school waiting until it was time to call it a day.  That’s pushing 35 years of industry exposure to say the least.  And although the technology has evolved from real estate offices having racks of keys to peoples homes to provide access for buyers to view – to using electronic lockboxes – the role of the salesperson hasn’t changed.

Your Realtor doesn’t just open the door – that’s the least of what they do. 

Their primary function is to be a knowledgeable expert on real estate contract law, a fierce negotiator on your behalf, and a consummate politician – since real estate is a relationship business.  Since, what feels like the beginning of time in our industry we’ve been combating a false narrative of the service we provide – Realtors don’t sell houses.

Realtors are managers of most people’s most expensive financial investment they will ever make.

Which makes sense since our industry is highly regulated and requires extensive licensing to practice.  All this being said – there will still be the select few that might think Amazon’s newest product might be the end of the so called “door openers” that some might ascribe us to be – I think not.


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