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Nicholas McDonald

My Bio

Being raised by a single parent who literally had nothing except her Christian faith to grasp onto has taught Nick the value of hard work. Through his experiences he has molded the values of honor, integrity, and wisdom as the DNA of his character. He prides himself on his meticulous attention to detail, ability to relate to people, unstoppable work ethic and stunning gift to serve every single person individually as his Christian faith has encouraged him to do.

Nick is aMagna Cum Laude graduate of Norfolk State University’s Mass Communication program while minoring in Business Administration. Understanding that knowledge and education never ceases, he emphasizes a continual education from great leaders such as Dr. John Maxwell, Dr. Frank Luntz and one of his personal favorites, pastor and author, Craig Groeschel. He appreciates the opportunity to serve and lead others just as mentors have done for him. Originally from Virginia Beach where you could catch a glimpse of all four true seasons within a day, has resided in the polar vortex of Michigan, now calls the scotching heat of PalmBeach County home. It is ironic how that works.