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You’re moving THAT’S SO AWESOME.  You’re probably thinking – sure I’m excited about getting into my new digs – but I’d like to push the EASY BUTTON and just be there. We hear you… that’s why we’re providing you with a Moving 101 post.  We want to make this as pain free as possible for you.

Here’s how to get started…

Your countdown to MOVING DAY should begin just about 45 days out – that is unless your deadline is sooner.  Don’t put everything off to the very last minute – just follow this simple step by step project plan and your MOVING DAY is sure to be a success.

You can do this!!! Just eat that elephant 🐘 one bite at a time.

45 | Days till MOVING DAY

  • RESEARCH 🔎 – Start interviewing Moving Companies.  You really need to request an on-site estimate.  If you’re being transferred make sure you have a full understanding of your company’s moving policy.
  • SUPPLIES 📦 – You will need boxes, dish wrap, bubble wrap, tape, markers, etc.  Sometimes this can be a part of your moving company’s services – in either case, go ahead and get what you will need to you can start packing early.
  • MEASUREMENTS 📏 – This is a great time during a walk thru of your new space to ensure where furniture will be placed and that all of your existing pieces can fit through doorways etc.
  • SPECIAL ITEMS 🖼 – Make a list of any special items that might need insurance during your move, and if they require special boxing etc. (PRO TIP… if its a local move you might want to provide your own ‘white glove service’ and move these items on your own)
  • LOVE IT, LOSE IT, PACK IT 👎 – It’s time to start going room by room and sorting.  First… it’s time to weed out what you can.  Donate/Trash but definitely don’t pay to move items you no longer need!  AND if you don’t use it on a day to day basis – go ahead and pack it now – especially seasonal and special occasion items.  These usually require the best packing – so don’t wait until you’re OVER IT to pack these items!
  • OH YEAH… USE IT 🗑- Start using up extras in the freezer, pantry, and cleaning supplies. TRUST ME – you will be thankful on MOVING DAY.
  • RECORDS 🗂 – Yes, you need a FILE for MOVING DAY, manilla, Evernote, or Dropbox whatever works for you.  This is where you can keep all of your estimates, receipts, inventory what you are/are not moving, etc.  Reminder… many moving expenses can be tax deductible.  This is a great time to visit and grab Forms 8822 and 3903 – change of address and deductions.
  • KIDS 🎫 – Do you have them??? Ok, so if you are changing school districts etc. there will be lots of paperwork – get out in front of this now! That goes for doctors records etc.


  • MOVER – By now you need to have made your choice.  Get your confirmation of date and quote in writing.
  • DO NOT PACK – at least not in a box.  But you do need to a have a plan to transport your most valuable items such as, jewelry – legal documents and important files – and that MOVING QUOTE – make sure you can get your hands on this to reference on MOVING DAY!
  • LET THE PACKING BEGIN – It’s definitely time to pack away items you don’t use regularly at this point.  Take note of items valued over $100 per pound – make a list and discuss with your movers if you need additional insurance for these – this is your declaration list.
  • LABELING – Clearly mark all boxes! (PRO TIP… label bedroom boxes with a room # 1, 2, 3 etc. then post that number on the corresponding room of your new space – also, use terms like OPEN FIRST, or OPEN LAST, or ALL BED LINENS… this makes that late night on move day much smoother!)

2 | Weeks till MOVING DAY

  • PUT EVERYONE ON NOTICE 📫 – Put in for that ‘change of address’ with the (it takes a while to process) also, go ahead and notify banks, financial service providers, your HR department, magazines, newspapers, credit cards etc.
  • WHAT’S UP DOC? 🏥 – If you need a copy of medical records – get these now and if you need referrals for healthcare providers where you are moving to – ask for those as well.
  • RECONFIRM 📞 – Make sure you’re all squared away with your movers.
  • MOVING DAY 🤝 – Ask for a day ‘off ‘ to supervise your move – and get some help… can someone cover your kids and fido while you’ve got your hands full on moving day?
  • HOOK ME UP 💡 – This is the time to process all of your disconnections & connections for utility services and internet/cable.  Doing this in advance will ensure less opportunity for a disruption in your services.

1 | Week till MOVING DAY

  • TAKE CARE OF YOUR PEEPS – Arrange to either pay your movers via credit card or if you need to get a cashiers check go ahead and get this done. (PRO TIP… tips are customary for your movers about 10-15% of the total fee paid in cash to the laborers of the day AND providing refreshments is a great way to say THANK YOU to your team)
  • SELF CARE – getting refills on prescriptions, contacts, etc. will give you some breathing room after your move.
  • DETAILS – Manuals, keys, codes, etc. everything the new occupant of the home your leaving needs – get these gathered up and put in a zip lock to be handed over at walk thru. (PRO TIP… we should all leave things better than how we found them, but this isn’t always the case – go the extra mile for yourself and the pay it forward – schedule professional cleaning services for both the house you are leaving and the one you are going to – this is $$$ well spent!)
  • VACA MODE – Pack suitcases for all of your peeps… this way daily use items will be easy to get to for a few days – and plan on eating out if you can EXCEPT COFFEE – by all means make sure you have a plan for a hot cup of joe on morning #1 (oh… and whatever breakfast routine everyone else needs too!)


  • SURVIVAL KIT – TP, paper towels, snacks, drinks, whatever!!! Make sure you’ve got it on hand.
  • LAST ONE TO LEAVE – Make sure you do a once over before the movers leave – making sure everything got on the truck – except maybe the kids.
  • FIRST ONE TO STAY – Sign off on your move at the end making sure everything lined up with your expectations.



  • MORE PAPERWORK – Yes, there’s more.  Update your driver’s license, voter registration, tax forms, bank forms, etc.
  • DON’T FORGET FIDO – Make sure if you need any pet licenses get these taken care of.
  • PLANES, TRAINS, AND AUTOMOBILES – Just kidding – actually its batteries, keys and fire extinguishers.  Make sure if you want to change your locks you do so, new batteries are in all smoke detectors, etc, and you’ve got a fire extinguisher on hand. DON’T FREAK OUT you’re just being responsible.

OK… YOU CAN DO THIS!  EASY button right!  Well, you will break a sweat at some point but we’re hoping we’ve made it just a little bit easier on you.  It will be worth it!

As always we hope you found this helpful. We’re always aiming to help you make a S.M.A.R.T. real estate decision.

Chris Dyer, Broker

Eb Stone Realty

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