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Hurricane Season- Are You Ready?

Hello Summer break, beach bodies, and hurricane season!

You may not be beach body ready yet but at least we can help you be hurricane season ready.

Hurricane season, in South Florida, begins today and runs until November 30th. Getting prepared ahead of time will save you hours of headache and possibly thousands of dollars. We have a few things that we think you should do to prepare.

According to the Sun Sentinel, 2018 was the third straight busier-than-average hurricane season. 🌀
It was also the third straight season to feature a major hurricane, either skirting or striking the Sunshine State.

Getting prepared ahead of time will save you hours of headache and possibly thousands of dollars.
We have a few things that we think you should do to prepare.

Determine if you live in an evacuation zone and make a plan with your family today. Know your zone and decide who takes care of what and where you will ride out the storm. If you’re in a mandatory evacuation zone, make a plan of where you will go. Your options include local shelters, hotels, or head to friends or family out-of-state.

Talk it out today! It’s easier to decide “should I stay or should I go” before you’re panicked, along with everyone else. Then take the “10 minute evacuation challenge” to see how prepared your family is!

If you decide to evacuate, there are a few important documents, like the deed/lease to your house and proof of insurance, you should take with you. 

Don’t leave Spot and Fido behind! Check out our tips for evacuating with pets in the FREE Hurricane Prep download.

If you decide to stay, may we suggest purchasing a back up generator? Having a working one could save you on spoiled food, bored kids, or sweaty adults. 💦

Covering windows and buying snacks for your “hurricane party” aren’t the only things you need to do to get hurricane ready! We have a few other important things to take care of.

Seal Windows & Doors 🚪

Adding new weather stripping, using weather resistant outdoor caulk, and adjusting your door threshold for a tighter seal are all ways you can prevent water from entering your home, should the tides rise.

Trim Trees🌴 

Trim any branches hanging over your roof or damaged shrubs or trees that can come crashing down on your roof or through windows.
You won’t be allowed to put loose debris out for pick up once there’s a hurricane watch or warning, so get this done soon!

Install Storm Shutters🔨

If your home came with hurricane shutters, make sure they’re in good condition and you know how to install them correctly.
If you need to buy shutters for your home, Home Advisor has a good list to compare the different types and costs available.

Move outdoor furniture/decor⛱️

All the large patio furniture – bring it in! The sweet little garden gnome? He’s gotta come in too. The big and little things can be costly if they try to come into your home via strong hurricane winds.

Last but certainly not least: GET ALL THE THINGS!

No need to get everything at once! You can add an item to your grocery list each week throughout the year and keep it on hand for hurricane season.
Want the complete Hurricane supply list?

free hurricane download graphic

We all hope that this hurricane season brings blue skies and calm breezes. In the event that it doesn’t, please make sure you and your house are prepared!

Above all, keep the people and things you can’t replace or stock up on safe and close to you – your family, pets, joy, and sanity!

free hurricane download graphic

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