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Get Your House Ready for Spring

It’s March 1st and in 19 days we will usher in the first day of Spring. 🌺

For most of our Northern friends, Bambi-like scenery flashes through their minds when they hear the word S P R I N G.  
However, for us in South Florida, Spring can feel like an extension of the rest of the year – sweaty and hot.
Don’t let the lack of blooming flowers dancing in your head stop you from getting your house Spring-ready!
We’ve got your guide to what you need to get ready before Spring breaks.

Start outside in the sunshine. Grab a ladder, some sunscreen, and let’s go!

Spring Clean Your Gutters

If you’d like to take the DIY approach, start with a good pair of gloves, sturdy extendable ladder, and a small shovel or scoop. If you’d rather skip the chore and hire someone to get the job done, we highly recommend Josh Draughon over at Eco Kleen. We’ve used his services on our own home we trust he’ll get your gutters squeaky clean. You can get his contact info here.

Service Your Air Conditioner

April showers don’t always bring May flowers, they bring humidity. Don’t get caught roasting in the lovely Spring heat. You should get your air conditioner serviced twice a year by a professional. Louis Mollo A/C is our go to guy. You can reach him direct at 561-531-1811 and be sure to change your filter once a month to ensure optimal performance.

If you’re feeling exceptionally ambitious, you can check out for a step-by-step guide on how to service your own AC on your own. Or download your own guide below.

Check Your Foundation

Check your driveway and home foundation for signs of cracks or movement. If you find a few cracks, fill them with a concrete crack filler or silicone caulk.

Check Your Roof

Time to climb! Make like Santa Claus and get up on your roof. No need to slide down the chimney, just be sure to check for loose, cracked or buckled shingles. If you find any, they need to be replaced- preferably before Dec 25th. Santa doesn’t carry insurance after all.

Put Some Pressure On It

If you have a pressure washer, start blasting away at your siding and sidewalks. This will get dirt, grime, and mildew off, eliminating odors, unsightly mold, and rotting.

Of course, you can also hire a professional pressure washing company if you are tired of living that DIY life.

Now that the great outdoors looks great, you might as well spruce up inside.
Here are two tips to get you started indoors:

Check Smoke Detectors

Replace batteries and test your smoke detectors. Press the button and wait for the horrible piercing sound. Replace your batteries if the sound is quiet or never happens.

Clean and Organize Your Closets

We recommend that you do your laundry first so you know what you actually have in there. You don’t have to go full-blown Marie Kondo if you don’t want to but a good closet cleansing is good for everyone! Spread some joy and donate the things that didn’t make the cut.

Now that you know what to do to get Spring-ready, why use Angie’s List? Let Eb Stone hook you up with personally vetted companies for all your Spring-time home needs! 

 Just email us and we’ll send you our list.

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