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The latest REAL ESTATE MARKET intel

Todays market is a complex space where opinions are abundant and analysis complex. Bias will influence trends that people want you to see.  In providing you a monthly MARKET REPORT  I aim to take the complex and make it simple for you. This way, when you have a residential real estate decision to make, in Palm Beach County, then you will feel better equipped to make it a SMART decision.

*I’ve provided you all the raw data at the bottom of this summary.

Here are 3 things I see happening in the residential real estate market:

1. The market has been transitioning through a feathery-soft slowdown.  Over the last 8 years we have seen double digit appreciation move to the high single digit appreciation to now we are seeing low (2-4% appreciation) in the last 12 months.  

The market is moving to a consistent steady Eddie market.

Chris Dyer, Broker Eb Stone Realty

2. Watch the rhythms in the market.  Unseen in the summary statistics below are the entire years market rhythms.  You are seeing month over month and year over year.  Great information to see for comparison sake but don’t miss the fact that throughout the year Buyers and Sellers may flip flop on their leverage in negotiating due to their market supply and demand activity or just normal trends in activity around holidays, vacation season, poor weather conditions and election cycles.

Patience will pay off as you ride the cycles.

Chris Dyer, Broker Eb Stone Realty

3. Supply side remains an issue that the market is dealing with.  Well actually, not the market as a whole – let me explain.  On the summary statistics below you will see that we have 4.8 months of inventory for single family homes and 5.1 months for condos and townhomes.  Both of these numbers look to have very little change from this time last year.  If I could take you back a couple years you would see similar statistics as well.  By definition a balanced market has 6 months of housing supply.  So we are still technically in a Sellers market.  But the real story is that we have very low inventory at the affordable price points and are seeing demand well outpace supply in the luxury price points where we are seeing an over supply of inventory and we are leaning towards more of a Buyers market.

I told you the market is a complex space where opinions are abundant and analysis complex. Bias will influence the trends that people want you to see.  In providing you a monthly MARKET REPORT  I aim to take the complex and make it simple for you. Which hopefully I have. When you  have a residential real estate decision to make, in Palm Beach County, I want to be your ‘go to’ adviser, equipping to make it a SMART decision. Just reach out when you’re in need. Chris

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Why vote YES to Amendment #2

As a local real estate professional, it’s my responsibility to equip you with important information that can impact your pocket book – with regard to real estate.  While it can be very confusing to determine how we should vote when it comes to Amendments (many contain multiple updates) this one is quite simple.

Amendment #2, simply put, keeps the status quo!

Currently, our property tax rate is capped.  Voting YES to Amendment #2 will keep this cap in place.

If Amendment #2 does not get passed – Rental Rates could skyrocket in both the residential and commercial sectors, NOT GOOD!

Here’s a simple video explaining Amendment #2

AND you can get even more great info here.

I hope you find this informative… and remember vote YES to Amendment #2

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As a Realtor and Broker everywhere I go people ask me… “how’s the market?” Chris Dyer, Broker/Owner Eb Stone Realty

Check out this short video where I share my answer to this question.

Here are some additional nuggets that show the market is healthy in our neck of the woods.

  • July 2018 became the 79th month in a row that saw the Florida median sales prices for condo-townhouse properties and single-family homes rise year-over-year.

This shows our market continues to grow.

  • The median sales price for single-family homes in Florida was found to be $255,000, which is up 6.3% from 2017.

This shows our market is growing at a healthy rate.

  • Condos and townhomes were found to have a median sales price of $180,000, which is up 5.3% on last year.

This shows our market is growing from the bottom up.

  • As of Sept 12, 2018 the avg conforming interest rate is 4.78% compared to August 2017 of 3.86%

This shows our market is steady and stable – less than 5% interest rate is still historically extremely low!

And if you need a heavy hitter to convince you, here’s what Dr. Brad O’Connor, Florida Realtors Chief Economist has to say…

We are continuing to see signs that the low-inventory situation impacting the single-family home market has finally stopped getting worse, though it remains constrained…

Remember, it was the Tortoise not the Hare that won the race – constrained is a good thing.  Slow and steady will ensure a healthy cycle in our market.

Hey… if you found this helpful let me know.  And if you’ve got other questions I can answer – please comment and let me know as well.  Always a pleasure to bring you a piece of “what’s up” in the real estate world.  Chris Dyer, Eb Stone Realty

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TRIM NOTICES…What you need to know.

As your Realtor, and local expert, it’s my job to present you with URGENT … NEED TO KNOW real estate information.  And TRIM Notices are one of those topics.  In our video update we cover the following…

  1. What is a TRIM Notice

  2. Why is it important AND

  3. What do you need to do

I hope you take a few minutes to review this information as it could save you hundreds of dollars this year – and thousands over the lifetime of owning your home.  I can think of many different ways to allocate those dollars… and so can my wife I am quite sure!   And remember – you can always pick up the phone and call me with your questions.  It’s my job to advise you and your family, so that you can make great decisions.

Call of Txt me at 301-343-9279 or email direct at

Like I said in the video, this was a quick overview of TRIM Notices and what they mean to you.  I promised you some additional resources… which you can find below.  More details on…

  • How to read your TRIM Notice

  • Details on the petition process AND

  • Some links to the Property Appraisers Office and to file your petition

Again, call, txt, or email me with questions.  And let me know if you found this information helpful so I know how to best serve you with updates in the future.

Here is a detailed video of your TRIM (Truth in Millage) Notice provide by the Palm Beach County Property Appraiser’s Office.

Detailed information on “How To File A Petition” here.  Or you can download the BROCHURE ON PETITIONING TO THE VALUE ADJUSTMENT BOARD

  • Additional rules and information on this process are available here.

  • And, if you think your ready to file your petition you can do so here.

Again, please let me know if you found this information helpful by leaving a comment below.   All the Best, Chris Dyer

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Don’t let this be you…

The last two years here in South Florida we’ve had some action to say the least.  Our family has stayed through one year and evacuated the next.  But in both cases – we secured our home and had hurricane survival supplies on hand.

Don’t let this be you… take the necessary precautions now to plan for a hurricane.

Because we’re in this with you – and we’ve helped too many friends with last minute window boarding and shutter installation, we’re providing you with this great resource from @PalmBeachCountyFL.



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Whether we’re at a social gathering making small talk or in a conversation with friends inevitably we always get this question…so, how’s the market?  Everyone wants to know “how’s the market?”  My typical response is… “it’s great!”

Because the truth is… the market is always great for someone. 

Now, depending on what real estate milestone you are trying to reach will have an impact on whether market conditions are ideal for you.  But that doesn’t make the “market” bad… it makes market conditions less ideal for what you are trying to achieve.

The great news is that our current “market” conditions are just about at what we would call NEUTRAL.  You might think HOT would be a better environment but frankly it’s not.  Actually, NEUTRAL  is a healthy and more stable environment to reach more milestones for both sides – BUYERS and SELLERS.  You can download current market statistics below.


Hopefully, you find this to be encouraging news.  We’d love the chance to help you achieve your real estate milestone. Contact Us here.